FEG BI & Analytics Center of Excellence

FEG BI & Analytics Center of Excellence

FEG is an insight driven organization. Business intelligence & Analytics is an integral part of the FEG operating model, ensuring an insight driven modus operandi is at the heart of the business operations.

Data is not only integrated in the company’s DNA, but also interpreted as insights to the operating teams in order to make timely data-driven decisions.

The BI & Analytics team not only provides analysis and insights to the business, but the underlying infrastructure is interconnected with all departments of the organization, providing a single view of the customer. Our central data warehouse feeds marketing tools, accounting-, customer service systems and enhances other platforms. Having a consolidated single source of data, enables our teams to utilize, analyze and compare multiple products across multiple regions and brands. This is a significant competitive advantage in the markets where we operate.

We classify insights into four divisions:

  • Looking back in time
  • Historic trends
  • Forecast
  • Predictions

Each of the divisions has a place in time, historic data points are of value however FEG is working towards enabling our teams with accurate predictions. This is the long term focus of our BI & Analytics department - falling into the responsibility of the Data Science team, who use algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to look back in time to analyze trends, but more significantly to forecast and predict the future.

Competitive advantage is derived when people with the right tools and seamless access to data act on critical business insights. People are an asset to every organization. While data is also an asset, insights are actively extracted from it in order to deliver benefits. That is why the adoption of data and insights across the organization is crucial. FEG BI & Analytics team is actively working on Data democratization, putting best in class tools in the hands of our operating teams.

We believe that the present and future is in the hands of automation and Artificial Intelligence. Our BI & Analytics department has built the foundation to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies in order to deliver best in class actionable insight in the near and far future.

FEG BI & Analytics department consists of

  • Data warehouse development team
  • Data visualization team
  • Data science team
  • Big data and AI team
  • Central Analytics team