Our Responsible Gaming commitment is:

  • To utilise our experience, expertise, and awareness to formulate an effective and meaningful approach to Responsible Gaming.
  • To engage and support the industry, the regulators and other appropriate organisations to make a difference.
  • To ensure gambling harm minimisation, effective player protection and promotion of socially responsible gaming.

Additionally, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that underage gambling activities do not take place in our shops or websites by employing age verification checks.

We are proud of our community involvement across our active markets to help increase awareness and understanding. By doing so, we believe fewer people will get into trouble with gambling, and those who do will seek help earlier. This will reduce the harm from gambling for everyone.

We are one of the founding members of the Czech Association of Fixed-Odds Betting Operators (Asociace provozovatelů kursového sázení – APKURS).

The association has set itself the purpose of contributing towards fair dealings, transparent financial flows and adherence to the law in their line of business.

In Poland, the group was instrumental in the formation of the Polish Association of Operators and Employees of Bookmakers (Stowarzyszenie Pracodawców i Pracowników Firm Bukmacherskich).

In Slovakia, Fortuna is a member of the Association of Lottery and Fixed-Odds Betting Operators in the Slovak Republic (Asociácie spoločností prevádzkujúcich číselné hry a kurzové stávky v Slovenskej republike).

We are also actively involved in projects with the principal aim of providing legal awareness to the young, discouraging this age group from betting. One of such initiatives is the Czech Rubikon, project supported by both the APKURS association and the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Czech Republic.

Our goal is to make gambling acceptable and enjoyable as a popular, mainstream leisure pastime, where everyone who participates in it can do so in a way that provides entertainment and enjoyment, in a safe, secure and fair environment.

Fortuna’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment includes concrete player protection measures, such as:

Providing high level Responsible Gaming training to all customer-facing staff. Detecting Players At Risk, using Markers of Harm behavioural analytics. Implementing Responsible Marketing Strategies. Developing Responsible Gaming Interaction Matrix based on customer segmentation and risk level.